Simulator 2.5

§imulator is a general-purpose, graphic process simulator
2.5 (See all)

§imulator is a general-purpose, graphic process simulator which can be used for process & workflow modeling, simulation & active flowcharting. It uses flowcharting symbols to depict process flows & allows you to run & graphically monitor a simulation entirely within Excel®.
§imulator utilises & relies on built-in features of Excel® & extends these with process modeling functions & a scheduling engine, which allows you to:
- design a flowchart using Excel® AutoShapes (flowchart symbols & connectors)
- assign process/simulation parameters in Excel® worksheets which are associated with the flowchart
- use the flowchart as the basis for process simulation
- run a simulation with a resolution between 1 second & 1 day, limited to integer units of duration
- optionally, animate the simulation as it runs, showing delays to approximately ±1 second per unit of duration
-view simulation results in Excel® worksheets &/or using PivotTable® & PivotChart® reports

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